Monday, 6 July 2015

SARD-SC Success Story

Mrs. Mastaki exchanging her observation during the last field day on May 30, 2015
As part of SARD-SC's contribution to farmers in achieving its goals and objectives, we share a testimonial from Mrs. Badesire Mastaki who is a farmer in the site of Miti and also a member of the Association called APSKA, which was invited to attend a field day organized by the SARD-SC Project IITA in February 2015.

Attracted by the Intercropping culture system, she went to apply the system at home. She says: "I had cultivated 1.2 hectares of cassava in pure culture with all that this includes as maintenance work in the first months. When I participated in the field day, I understood that it was possible to capitalize on the space between two rows of cassava. I had already planted with spacings of 1m x 1m. After weeding, I added 2 bean rows between 2 cassava lines".

She had already received training on good cassava cultural practices. Hence she was able to take care of the cassava in mono-cropping. She added by saying, "this association has significantly reduced the number of weeding while the bean was cultivated. I just collected 846kg of beans that I never had and which I will use to buy myself a motorcycle and give to my son (19 years) to earn some money during the holidays in order to pay fees enrollment for himself and his four brothers. "

Note that a motorcycle assigned to public transportation daily pays $ 8-10 / day. This boy is going to work for 3 months and will generate about $ 700-900 during this period.  This is enough for meeting the education needs of 5 children in public schools in the village. "Another part will be used to purchase a few ruminants for breeding," she added.

And when Ms. Mastaki was asked about her impression for SARD-SC project, she said, "SARD-SC iishi sawa laki"; to say that SARD-SC live longer as the lake.

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